Due to the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in remote working. In order to observe COVID-19 protocols, companies have been forced result to such measures. Unfortunately, this might result in reduced performance as most people find it difficult to work from home. 

One major disadvantage working from home has is family distraction. If you have young children at home, and you do not have a place to hide from them within working hours, you are more than likely to get distracted by them. 

Haven thought about this problem, the grandeur hotel decided to add to its facilities affordable and aesthetically pleasing workspaces to meet these needs. Our workspaces at the grandeur hotel are beautifully designed to spark creativity which is one of the cultures at the grandeur.


Egornomic Furniture

Our workspaces are designed with furnitures that help prevent physical harm and stress to our customers while improving concentration.

Multifunctional Space

Our workspaces are all open spaces and have been designed in such a way that it can be used for anything. For example our workspaces can be used to host unplanned meetings, educational activities and events. The workspace at the grandeur hotel can comfortably accommodate 20 to 30 people.

Collaborative Environments

All workspaces at the grandeur hotel are designed to inspire and improve creativity, improve communication and increase productivity. Architectural barriers are eliminated to encourage co-working between employees and departments.

Decorative motivation

Our workspaces are decorated with plants and paintings. Plants are believed to promote concentration and help create peaceful environments, purifying the air and providing warmth.


It is important to know that our workspaces are independent of the grandeur hotel. What this means is that you can book a workspace without the need to book a hotel room. However, you get a discount on all our rooms and other services at the grandeur hotel when you book a room for two nights or more.

To book a workspace, kindly call Lu on +2349 09 022 1795 or send an email to us at:

For more information, call us on +2349 09 022 1795 or send us a mail at: