Conference Room

Organizing a corporate meeting requires a lot of planning and preparation. At the grandeur hotel, we provide a fully equipped and aesthetically pleasing conference room. So you don’t have to worry about having the right amenities at your conference meetings.

The Grandeur Hotel consists of two conference rooms. Each of our conference rooms can sit a minimum of 20 to 30 people comfortably. You can choose to book any of our conference rooms per hour at ₦10,000 or per day at ₦100,000.


Proper Seating

Our conference rooms are designed in a U-shape or hollow square seating making it suitable for corporate meetings and events.

Projector and Audio Equipment

Two important conference room facilities we provide include a projector system and a whiteboard. The projection screen allows you display presentations while the whiteboard allows you highlight important points during the meeting. Our projectors use video cameras to give a 3D image of the document that you want to share. This gives your audience a better experience and higher engagement during your presentation.

High-Speed Wi-Fi

Our conference rooms are equipped with high speed Wi-Fi to help you organize a smooth and uninterrupted corporate meetings and events.

Trained and Efficient Staff

Our staff are well trained and ready to assist you with whatever you might need.


It is important to know that our conference rooms are independent of the grandeur hotel. What this means is that you can book any of our conference rooms without the need to book a hotel room. However, you get a discount on all our conference rooms and other services at the grandeur hotel when you book a room for two nights or more.

To book a conference room, kindly call Lu on +2349 09 022 1795 or send an email to us at:

For more information, call us on +2349 09 022 1795 or send us a mail at: